Alexandre Cisneiros Filho

I love Web development, mobile applications, computing, humor, electronic music and magic.

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About me

Pleased to meet you! I am Alexandre Cisneiros Filho, 21 years old. I'm a Computer Science undergraduate at the Center for Informatics on the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. Currently I work with and love website and web applications development. In fact, since I was 12 I got into programming for the web and it seems I'll keep on it.

I'm also heavily into app development for BlackBerry 10. Since I won the BlackBerry hackathon in Recife, I've been developing apps with my Univeristy partner and friend Joselito JĂșnior, under the C&N brand. I work as a developer on BlackBerry Tech Center Recife and currently I'm a Community Manager on BlackBerry Dev Group Recife.

As for hobbies, besides programming, I'm an amateur magician since 2005. I love to amaze people with the beauty of the impossible. I'm by no means a professional on the area, but it makes me feel really good to practice and perform.